Efficient Vineyard

Vineyard Efficiency through High-resolution, Spatiotemporal Crop Load Measurement and Management


Grapes are the largest specialty crop in the U.S., with a farm gate value over $3.3 billion. Growers produce over seven million tons on one million acres, annually. To enhance global competitiveness and production sustainability, the industry must develop and implement technology solutions for maximizing yield and grape product quality while minimizing the need for land, water and labor inputs.
Growers continually strive for efficient and sustainable production systems that optimize environmental resources (water, mineral nutrients, and sunlight) and balance vine vegetative and reproductive growth (crop load). Historically, measuring and managing vineyard attributes has been inefficiently achieved by labor-intensive and spatially coarse methods. There is a clear need in the industry to revolutionize the way grape production is measured and managed. Our overarching goal is to improve vineyard efficiency through sensing and automation solutions that enable producers to measure and manage the principal components of grapevine production on an individual vine basis.
We are a group of viticulturists, engineers, scientists, economists, extension educators, and industry representatives working together to bring to the grape industry the latest in modeling, sensing, and management technologies.